Sighting In With “The Cross-Stix” by Lee Phillips

October 23, 2017

Sighting In Your Crossbow – With “The Cross-Stix”
By Lee Phillips, Excalibur Field Staff


The Cross-Stix shooting rest is one piece of equipment that every crossbow enthusiast and hunter should have in the arsenal.  First of all, like all Excalibur products, it is of the highest quality.  It is lightweight, highly adjustable, and portable; and the tri-pod feet independently adjust to the contour of the ground, so that any desired shooting position can be achieved.

I have found the Cross-Stix to be the ideal method for sighting in my crossbow in preparation for hunting.  It allows me to hold the bow (and crosshairs in my scope) dead center on the target.  I feel that I get about as “rock-solid” a hold that you could expect to get.  For decades I sighted in my crossbows by using the hood of my vehicles as a stabilizing rest – the degree of steadiness I get with the Cross-Stix is so much greater!

To sight my bow in for hunting, I always like to start at a distance of 10 yards.  Once I am shooting dead center at this distance, it is only a matter of changing the elevation for my other preferred distances of 20 and 30 yards.  I plan my set-ups for whitetail hunting top produce a 20 yard shot as this has always worked for me over the years.

I use a standard bag target, but I use something a bit different for my bullseye target.  I go to the Post Office and pick up 3 or 4 of their Delivery Confirmation stickers.  They come in a bright green or pink color, and are about 4” x 4” in size.  I simply stick 3 of these on my target, and I am ready to shoot away.  The brightness of the colors provides a distinct contrast to the rest of the target, and this allows me to hold the scope crosshairs right in the middle of the sticker.  For me – this helps reduce “target panic” as I can concentrate solely on the sticker.

I have the Micro Raid 335 with a Tact-Zone scope, and I’m shooting the Quill arrows. I opted for 100 grain field points since the broadheads I will be using weigh 100 grains.  While mounting the scope on my bow, I discovered that the crosshairs were already pre-aligned, and as I imagined, they were very close to being “dead-on” at 10 yards.

Using the Cross-Stick, my first shot at 10 yards was perfect – just 3 inches to the left.  Two shots later I was hitting dead center.  I took another 3 shots to confirm – all dead centers from 10 yards.  I moved the target back to 20 yards, and I hit dead center on my “sticker”.  I took 4 more shots to confirm – and all hit dead center.  Even if the need would arise for me to shoot at a deer that is 30 yards away – I simply will just hold the 20 yard crosshair 5” above the holding spot for 20 yards – and the arrow will hit the spot.

In just a short time…..I achieved a HIGH degree of accuracy with the Cross-Stix.  I have full confidence that when presented with a harvest opportunity – I will hit exactly where I am holding!