Maintenance Items

  • Maintenance Items

    X-Slick Rail Lubricant

    The new X-Slick Rail Lubricant is a silicon-based oil packaged with a one-of- a-kind applicator that takes the hassle and mess out of lubing the crossbow. With an applicator…

  • Maintenance Items


    LensMate Cleaning System from Excalibur features a dry cleaning compound that can't leak, spill or dry out – it's ideal for scopes, binoculars, rangefinders, etc.


  • Maintenance Items

    Ex-Wax Serving Wax

    Serving Wax
    Our Serving Wax will dramatically increase string life by reducing the friction created when firing your crossbow.
    Comes in a handy resealable container.

  • Maintenance Items


    Our new EX-LUBE is designed to extend the life of your string’s serving and maximize the speed of your…
  • Maintenance Items



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