Economical, Accurate Target Crossbow

2500 Apex Target Crossbow (NOTE: Stabilizer and mount shown are optional and not included with crossbow.)

Excalibur Apex

Excalibur’s Apex is an economical but superbly accurate target crossbow made with informal target shooting in mind, but it has the potential to become a world class tack driver! The Apex conforms to IAU specs, using a 90 lb. draw weight and a power stroke of 11.8” it is capable of producing velocities of 220 FPS for flatter trajectories and reduced wind drift. Featuring an extended stirrup for ease of cocking, a rear aperture target sight and a fiber optic front sight, the Apex will amaze you with its pinpoint accuracy, its precision trigger pull, and its exceptional balance. The Apex’s hardware is finished in a handsome metallic blue and its precision and fine handling characteristics will be a source of pride for the rest of your life.

#2500 Apex Target Crossbow $549.99 MSRP

#2500-40 Apex Light Target Crossbow (40lbs) $484.99 MSRP