The Most Accurate Hunting Crossbow - Guaranteed


Excalibur’s 225 lb. Equinox combines outstanding power and impressive speeds of up to 350 FPS* with our handsome and ergonomic thumbhole stock. The Equinox is designed and built with a reduced overall length, making it easier to cock and steadier to hold without sacrificing the amazing downrange performance that has made Excalibur famous. The Equinox comes fully decorated with Realtree AP® camouflage using the striking “Kolorfusion” process, and it includes our comfortable ambidextrous cheekpiece. This is a crossbow that will earn its place in your trophy room for decades to come. Each Equinox comes tapped to accept
Excalibur’s scope and quiver mounts.

#6790 Equinox With Open Sights: $769.99

#6770 Equinox with Vari-Zone Lite Stuff Package: $949.99 MSRP

#6772 Equinox Shadow-Zone Lite-Stuff Package: $999.99 MSRP



Dr. Richard S. Nagel
November 24, 2010

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to offer praise for the Equinox that I just purchased. I am 53 years old and have been a bowhunter since I was 10. I have taken dozens of deer, turkey, and 21 black bears with a bow in my time thus far. Currently, I shoot a Hoyt Trykon XL and a Matthews Reezen. I love these bows as they represent near perfection in my hands, i.e. if I miss, it was completely the archer, not the bow. By the way, I have not missed a shot in eight years. I set up the Equinox and sighted it in with just three shots into a Block target. Then, I shot 16 consecutive bulls eyes at 15, 20, 25, and 30 yards (four bolts at each range). Just extraordinary!!! I mean center-shot, dead solid perfect bulls eyes. While the Equinox is a little louder than my compound bows, it is not by too much. I believe that the speed and accuracy of the bolts far outweighs the noise factor.

Heretofore, I was biased against crossbows because they were both noisy and inaccurate. Now, I am both a believer and an enthusiast. You have engineered and manufactured a truly excellent crossbow. Right after Thanksgiving, I will be headed up into the woods for my first hunts with the Equinox. Truth be told, I expect to fill the freezer to capacity. I just wanted to let you know that I am both extremely pleased and impressed with your very fine product. Very Well Don Indeed! Thank you and very best regards.

Semper Fi.



MSRP: $760.00* US/CAN


Velocity: 350 FPS
Draw Weight: 225 lbs.
Power Stroke: 16.5"
Mass Weight: 6.4 lbs.
Overall Length: 38.4"
Arrow Length: 20"
Arrow Weight: 350 Grains
Stock Type: Thumbhole
Finish: Realtree Xtra
Arrow speeds obtained using arrows with a total weight of 350 grains (includes arrow and tip).

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