On August 20th Excalibur Crossbow was honoured to present Kayla Baker, a recent single lung transplant recipient, a donation for the SickKids Foundation.

Peter Balfour of Excalibur Crossbow and Don Katsumi of Boo Custom Strings presented Kayla two cheques totalling over $5000.00 at SickKids Hospital in Toronto, Ontario.

Excalibur Crossbow ran an EBay auction for a one-of-a-kind custom made Matrix Crossbow in June, 2013. The winning bid placed by Joe Miedema of Orangeville, Ontario was an amazing $3250.00. Excalibur Crossbow was pleased to help Kayla’s Run aLung Charity by donating to the SickKids Foundation. Kayla’s efforts have not gone unnoticed; she has surpassed her original goal of raising $10,000 for this amazing charity with a current amount of over $74,000 and climbing. Kayla is truly an inspiration.

Don Katsumi from Boo Custom Strings was also in attendance at Sick Kids hospital presenting Kayla with funds raised at his annual crossbow enthusiast event “Boofest”, held in Newtonville Ontario. Don along with his many attendees was able to raise a hefty $2030.00 and donated the funds directly to Kayla herself. Kayla was very appreciative to Excalibur Crossbow and Don Katsumi for their efforts.

A special thanks goes to Kitchener Printing, Boo Custom String, AR15.com, Master Maine Guide/WickedGoodOutdoors and Alan Probst from “All Outdoors” for their contributions. Excalibur would also like to thank all of the “Boofest” attendees for their very generous donations; all those who helped promote the auction and the many individuals who generously sent donations for Kayla’s cause.

We have received overwhelming support for Kayla and her cause.  If you would like to help Kayla reach her goal of raising $50,000 for the SickKids hospital and their organ transplant efforts go to www.runalung.ca and donate online or you can send us a cheque addressed to ‘Run aLung/SickKids‘.

Special thanks go to Alan Probst from All Outdoors, Capt Walt Gibson from Master Maine Guide/WickedGoodOutdoors and Edward Avila from AR15.com for their support and generous donations.

For more information regarding Kayla and her story, please visit her Facebook page 
or website.  


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