End Serving?

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End Serving?

Post by GGC » Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:29 pm

I've made a few endless loop strings for some excals. The bows are used for hunting.
I am using D 10 w/28 strands and 3D for the loops and end serving. Halo is .30 for the centers. The finished diameter of the center is just under .150" I am not satisfied with the end serving. The loops are fine, but the end serving is not as smooth and neat as it could be. I offset the loop ends and the serving does not transition well from the loop ends to the string bundle. I have reviewed Munch's and Boo's videos many times, but I have yet to perfect the smooth look that should be there. Some posts on another site say to serve toward the loops, while some say from the loops toward the center. I burnish the string before serving and apply tension on the jig. Any suggestions would surely help a newbie. One last thing, Munch says to turn the string two full turns before serving the center, while others say to twist to size, perhaps ten or more turns and then serve. What are your thoughts? Thanks GGC

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