Got my certificate yesterday!

Crossbow Hunting

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Re: Got my certificate yesterday!

Post by ihunt » Wed Apr 27, 2016 2:38 pm

Bullzeye wrote:
ihunt wrote:
Bullzeye wrote: Where abouts do you hunt, up North or the Townships?
oops missed that :oops: Mostly up North trying to find something more local like the Townships. Who knows maybe we can hunt together?
Unfortunately I hunt on a friends farm which is on a postage stamp sized piece of woods, and because of the stupid Quebec doe draw they have had forever, the number of deer is the lowest I have ever seen. I myself am looking for a new spot or I would invite you. It's all private land around Montreal, and most land owners want $$$$$$$ to hunt on their land.
I know how you feel, I'll never pay to on hunt private land! I've seen some land owners asking outrages prices and people are foolish to pay, to me yes I know it's all about the hunt, but to me paying my license, gas, lunch, and all the extras and then have to pay to hunt on someone land is too much for me. But if I do find some place close I may give you a PM, but for now a friend of mine offered me to hunt with him on his land up north.
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Re: Got my certificate yesterday!

Post by tipnchip » Wed Apr 27, 2016 4:32 pm

Because they can.

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