Installed the db killers today

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Installed the db killers today

Post by longbow joe » Sun May 08, 2016 11:00 pm

Image[/URL] when i got the dr stririp db killers i was unshure wich bow i wanted to put them on but i figured id put them on my slowest bow with the most need to quiet because of string jumping so the vixen 2 got em . I can report that they definatelly quiet it down ....turns a patunk down to a tunk i ended up cutting the antennas off the bumpers nearest to the rope cocker they got on my nerves after the shooting session. I saw no decrease in speed up to 30 yards thats as far as i shot definately a winner i hear the stirup quiets it down a,lot but i like the stock one. Now i need a decent longbeard to come in im on the 5th jake n every day its harder not to pull the trigger on one but you must be patient and a longbeard will come .... maby...
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