Will Air Brake Addition Change POI

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Will Air Brake Addition Change POI

Post by fellas2 » Wed Sep 28, 2016 7:42 am

I plan on adding as set of Air Brakes to my Matrix 380 by the end of the week. I've already sighted it in for the start of the season and was wondering if removing the string and limb bolts might affect point of impact and requiring me to re-sight it.

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Re: Will Air Brake Addition Change POI

Post by Normous » Wed Sep 28, 2016 8:46 am

You may loose a few FPS, I would certainly check your POI, especially at a longer distance. Chances are that you may not require any scope adjustment but why take a chance, especially at this important time of year.
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Re: Will Air Brake Addition Change POI

Post by ads1 » Wed Sep 28, 2016 2:48 pm

I had no problem out to 40 yqrds with poi. The air brakes slowed the arrow speed 4 fps on a micro 355.

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Re: Will Air Brake Addition Change POI

Post by sproulman » Thu Sep 29, 2016 2:23 pm

like Normous said shoot bowit may change it.

one thing i did notice is twang of bow is reduced with air barkes i tested both mine 1 with it on and other off.
it also takes vibration out of bow ..

you can notice a difference in front weight of bow with AB on but its very slight.

actually removing quiver and putting it on your fanny pack is great thing bows feel real light without those quivers on..

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Re: Will Air Brake Addition Change POI

Post by SEW » Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:15 am

After getting my 380 & 405, I went on a "quietness" quest and did virtually everything possible to make these bows quiet. Airbrakes were a part of this quest. Later, I selectively removed various items back to stock(except for TTs). Then I tried each of the items alone to see which affected noise, viberation, wt, speed, etc. I found a few indespensible items for me: 1) The entire Dr Stirrup kit, 2) The AirBrakes. They quieten, reduce viberation, and I expect reduce limb stress, and slow the arrow appx 4'/sec. That's a small price to pay, IMO , for the benefits, 3) a quality, Flemish string. I've used Boo's and Vixenmaster's : both are class act strings. The stock strings are great values also, especially, the ones that come std on the BD400; but they don't compare to the 38,40,42 strand 8190 strings to me, 4) A very high quality scope on an Optimizer!! I've found NO crossbow specific scope "YET" that really compares. But when I do, when it happens, the Optimizers come off and the quality crossbow specific scope goes on. Hawke, upgrade your glass - a lot!!!

Back to Dr Stirrup: stirrup is safer, quieter, greatly reduces cocking effort, the cocking rope is robust, better designed for the increased cocking pull required on many new Excal models, the broadhead support/protection is brilliant also, the limb silencers work, and when properly placed reduce my bows' speed only 1'-2'/sec. The Dr Stirrup string bumpers are my favorite part of the kit. Just kiss them with the string. The design, quality of components, etc of the entire kit just has to be experienced. The cocking effort is easily reduced to the next lower poundage Excal model. Consider this kit!!! Then get it!

I absolutely love my BD400/TT trigger/Optimizer - Duralyt 2-8, polyethylene packed stock, Flemish stringed, shrink wrapped arrow hold down spring, wrapped stirrup, Spynal Tapps. I just wanted to keep it stock, simple, no add ons like Air Brakes - which I'm not getting for it, but the Dr Stirrup kit is going on it. After all, an Excal w/o a Dr Stirrup kit is just an Excal. With a Dr Stirrup Kit, it's complete.

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