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Re: Broadhead targets

Post by L. E. Carroll » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:00 pm

I actuallly use a 18-1 "second" and it works great at a starting points of 20 or 30 yards.... :wink:

Past that I have been using a javelina target (3d type ) type for all of my bows 335, 350, 355 and 380 with 17" for the Matrix models and 15" for the 2 micro, Black Eagle Zombies and Executioners ( with graphics removed with acetone ) and 125 and 150 grain Slick tricks and Montec g5's. I also have an old Glendale Whitetail Buck at 50 yards and both have been working great at stopping my arrows regardless of the bow used.

For this I use high visibility 5/8" diameter dots as aiming points to save the kill zones for field tip use later on.

Should the broadhead go clear thru and project from the back side, I simply unscrew the broadhead and remove it as it makes pulling the arrow out much easier... I only do this to get the broadheads dialed in, as I don't want to shoot those old targets up too bad. But so far no problems at all... I just use them at the more extended ranges where the arrows are moving somewhat slower.

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