Bill t's big buck video

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longbow joe
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Bill t's big buck video

Post by longbow joe » Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:33 pm

I was on you tube today and the old video of bill t shooting the big buck in the field popped up. I came into crossbows about four years ago . Im a lot newer than a lot of members . After my shoulder injury l was unable to shoot my longbow as well as l felt was necessary and was looking at getting a crossbow . I always had excalibur in the back of my mind but l remember seeing that video and it just totally sold me . I have two exo series bows but l wasnt around for their hayday but l cant be the only one that was sold (suckered wouldnt be right word) on these great bows. I just cant imagine how many bows that single video sold 8 years ago....anyway thanks for the video bill. Lbj.
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Re: Bill t's big buck video

Post by elkaholic » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:53 am

I kinda got the deal of the yr. getting my EXO -- a guy was wanting a rifle for elk / deer season - local hunt chat forum - he had bought the exo new and only shot it a few times .

the cocking of the exo was to much for him. I traded an old rem 30-06 woodmaster semi auto w/scope worth 250-300 I had 125 in it!

I let him use/shoot it to make sure he was 100% satisfied with the deal - I " even" tossed in a box of ammo. he was happy as can be

I didn't feel bad about the deal till 2 weeks later - he calls asking if I had record of serial # -- somebody stole the gun

I love shooting with my EXO - hoping in draw a tag where I can actually use it hunting - I opted for handgun on piggys last season but will use exo if I draw a tag this spring

Lottery tags - SUCK - I pay $15 just to process my application for each spieces--- if I apply for all the hunts deer elk antelope javelina turkey spring bear big hornsheep buffalo - you can see it adds up --- now add 6-8-10+ yrs of not actually getting a tag -- I got 6 yrs no deer -7 yrs no elk -18 yrs no antelope - 9 bhorn 4 buffalo -

now I don't put in for just any hunt I want the rut hunts - we have no doe tags - I don't hunt cow elk - archery deer is over the counter no draw but no crossbow season

you are blessed if you can step out your back door and hunt- you should see the tag fees - lol

now I can use the crossbow instead of a rifle on a rifle /muzzleloader tag- WAHOO! --LOL

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