Favorite broadheads?

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Re: Favorite broadheads?

Post by Fullquiver » Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:23 pm

Rocket Ultimate Steel 125gr fixed blade.. I bought a boatload of them from a guy on ebay who was the original designer and owner of Rocket.. He sold them for $1.25 a piece and I bought 42 of them and enough blades to make twice that many up... For the first couple of years I gave a lot of them away and blades with them.. They fly like field points penetrate like a bunker busting missle and kill like the grim reaper has ahold of them.. I will use the remainder until they are gone or I am dead whichever happens first...

I have used Magnus, Rage, Slick Trick standards and Magnums as well as G5 Montecs and Strykers and can see no real advantage to any of them over the cheapest broadheads I ever bought.. They are or were made at the time of manufacture in the USA and are scary sharp and the chisel point and solid steel ferrule are devastating to any bone it hits...
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Re: Favorite broadheads?

Post by elkaholic » Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:34 pm

I can't really say a favorite-

Like most archers who've tried and used a number of fixed blades over the yrs. If it's a good shot on any animal - they did the job. Some took tweekin to fly right in the past but most new designs fly true!

even the new mechanicals or hybrids they are designed and tested to fly like fieldpoints- some better than others. here agin if shot placement is true - results are a good blood trail and a dead animal.

so stick to your best results for you - no need to try something new to see if its better - or join all the others and buy it cuz you think it may help -

I gave away more sets of different broadheads than I can remember - the only constant from my hunting experience- hit the "KILL ZONE" dead animal

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Re: Favorite broadheads?

Post by hunter with MS » Sat Nov 18, 2017 4:39 pm

I got some Muzzy trocar HBX Hybrids had poor performance with a deer did not really hurt the deer any . It was quartering away extremely the arrow with the hybrid it caught a rib or 2 and and deflected went just under the skin and not through saw the deer a few days later . I switched right back to my muzzy crosskills early crossbow fixed broadheads and last night got a good size Doe close to the same set up as before the arrow was a complete pass thru she went maybe 10 yards . No more switching for me should have stayed with want I know worked .

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