Is the Mission Sub 1 giving Excal a run for its money?

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Re: Is the Mission Sub 1 giving Excal a run for its money?

Post by galamb » Sun Dec 31, 2017 11:28 am

Long thread and isn't it comparing apples and pineapples - ok, both are fruit (both crossbows) but it kinda ends there.

Did the new MINI give the Ford F-150 a run for it's money?

Isn't it more of a case of those that would buy the Mini would never even consider buying an F150?

Isn't it unlikely that the fan's of "wheeled" bows, in large numbers, won't switch over to recurve anyhow and most that shoot Excal will not toss it in the trash just because some new "wheeled bow" hits the market?

I have shot recurve crossbows starting with my first. I've never owned a bow with "wheels" on it.

I went from my longbow to a recurve bow to a recurve crossbow. So the Mission or the Ravin is not something "I" would even consider. If I was going to stray from Excalibur it would maybe be to Kodabow because I'm a "recurve" fan.

And when I go to the supermarket to buy apples I don't buy a pineapple just because it's advertised as being the best fruit on the planet.

The statement in the original post seems to suggest that "speed" is the only factor that goes into bow selection or that everyone wants to take a 100 yard shot at a deer. And yes there is a segment out there that figures that is all that is important.

But I would suggest the average, and even most Excal owners don't fit into that mold. Excalibur has always made a high end, refined bow that has naturally excluded those that figure a $200 bow imported from Taiwan is "just as good or better" because it can shoot 370 fps...

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Re: Is the Mission Sub 1 giving Excal a run for its money?

Post by buckeye » Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:43 pm

Not for me, just looks to fragile. Have been crossbow shooting/hunting since 1983. Have owned and shot many different makes and models of crossbows over the last 34 years and still consider Excalibur the very best out there. I currently own four crossbows, 3 Excaliburs and a Tenpoint Stealth. I have not used the Tenpoint in 10 years or more, not because it is a bad bow it's just that the Excalibur in much lighter and more compact. I have dropped my Excaliburs from tree stands, they have fallen from my ATV while driving, I have accidentally cut my string while hunting but was able to put a new on within 2 minutes and in all instances the excels held their zeros and functioned fine. There may be crossbows just as good but do not know of any that are tougher. My 380 is a beast and extremely accurate, don't need any other crossbow ever.

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Re: Is the Mission Sub 1 giving Excal a run for its money?

Post by Riflemanz » Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:14 pm

I'll keep my 355!
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