OT: Smokepole Daily Double

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OT: Smokepole Daily Double

Post by DuckHunt » Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:27 pm

My annual week of vacation during the opening week of muzzleloader season in Northern Virginia has always been a part of my season I look forward to fondly. It normally coincides with some part of the rut and more often that not I'm successful in bagging a buck (or two). This year has been a tough one.
1. The moon has been bright late. I haven't needed a headlight to walk to my stand all week.
2. Although not too warm like last year, we haven't seen enough cold yet. We have way more leaves still on than normal.
3. We have a coyote problem. Twice yesterday the mountain came alive with dozens howling. The deer hit the fields to safety.
4. I have about 500 acres of still uncut corn within a half mile of my stand.

But, I'm off on vacation anyway and have to make the best of it. Up until yesterday afternoon, I saw a buck every hunt for five days straight. Unfortunately, they were all small spike, 3, 4, 5, 6 and finally one 7 point. Yesterday afternoon I finally saw a coyote but wasn't able to get a shot. He picked out my movement against the skyline. I believe the coyotes all out on patrol kept the deer out of the area.

This morning the weatherman failed me. I was dressed for the temperature, but not for the rain. I mean, I have been rained on every day but one this week so its not like I haven't gotten used to it. Its just that normally I'm expecting it and prepared. A few hours of it was all I could take.

Saturday morning will be perfect; unseasonably cold. But tomorrow, it will be cold and extremely windy. The deer don't seem to move much around here on very windy days. So, this afternoon I knew it was my last good chance before the weekend. I was up in the stand by 2:30pm and things were quite calm. About 3:30pm, I caught movement way out. A couple longbeards were skirting up the ridge. Although it was thick and about 75 yards out, I was able to find a spot clear enough to get a shot. As I slid over in the stand to get a clear view, one of the gobblers must have saw me move and stood up strait looking my way. He provided the maximum silhouette possible and the CVA Optima nailed him just above the breast in the neck area not wasting any meat. I'm still determined to get one with archery gear, but they have been elusive the last couple seasons.

After a quick reload and retrieval of the turkey I was back in the stand. About an hour later, I caught movement above me. About 60 yards out coming my way was a buck. At first glance I thought he was an 8pt that I've got on camera. He walked down an established trail heading directly at me. I cocked the hammer and was following him in the scope. At about 40 yards, he veered to my left off the trail which provided my first glance at a side. He never stopped walking. Just after he turned enough sideways, I placed the crosshairs on the front shoulder and squeezed the trigger. Since he was moving, the bullet hit perfectly behind the shoulder. He turned downhill trotting and after about 20 steps started getting lower with each step. He eventually bottomed out about 35 yards to my left.
It's been a few years since I bagged a turkey, and to bag a buck on the same trip made all the time in the stand seem worth it. Of course, the day wasn't totally complete until another unexpected rain storm dumped on me as I was field dressing it. Hey, sometimes you just got to roll with the punches.

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Re: OT: Smokepole Daily Double

Post by xcaliber » Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:30 pm

You did really well there! Congrats!
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Re: OT: Smokepole Daily Double

Post by paulaboutform » Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:45 pm

Wow! Way to stick with it and what a great finish. Congrats on your two fine eaters! :D


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Re: OT: Smokepole Daily Double

Post by longbow joe » Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:10 am

Wow DH thats an awsome day for sure . Congrats
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Re: OT: Smokepole Daily Double

Post by Fletch2 » Fri Nov 10, 2017 3:46 am

Great job :D
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Re: OT: Smokepole Daily Double

Post by mr meat » Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:54 am

Congrats on the pair of good eats!
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Re: OT: Smokepole Daily Double

Post by Reinyrooster » Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:26 am

That's a good day! I have the same weapon and love it.

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Re: OT: Smokepole Daily Double

Post by BrotherRon » Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:16 am

Congrats :)
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Re: OT: Smokepole Daily Double

Post by Boo » Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:34 am

Great hunt! Sounds like a carnivore has been let loose! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: OT: Smokepole Daily Double

Post by vixenmaster » Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:56 am

Yes i love it, double congrats to you on hard earned Buck n Gobbler
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Re: OT: Smokepole Daily Double

Post by papabear1 » Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:59 am

Way to go D.H. a dream day in the woods for sure. :D
gun season opens here in Missouri tomorrow and maybe I can score,
been seeing deer but nothing close enough.

Dave :wink:
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Re: OT: Smokepole Daily Double

Post by SEW » Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:45 am

Reads like you had a great week away from work! Congratulations.

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Re: OT: Smokepole Daily Double

Post by mikej » Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:58 pm

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Re: OT: Smokepole Daily Double

Post by gerald strine » Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:14 pm

That was a great hunt for sure congratulations on both.
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Re: OT: Smokepole Daily Double

Post by frisky » Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:15 pm

Congrats on the double! :D :D Good thing you were not using a flintlock!
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