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Antelope Hunting

Post by nchunterkw » Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:45 am

Anybody go on a good trip for antelope ? Looking to go on a trip and thought I’d see what you guys recommend. Crossbow or gun
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Re: Antelope Hunting

Post by vixenmaster » Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:30 am

I have not went fer them yet, when i go it will be wid one of my crossbows. Plus i plan on enjoyin some good trout fishin
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Re: Antelope Hunting

Post by Timbrhuntr » Tue Jan 23, 2018 3:53 pm

I hunted them last year in Montana. I hunted them in the archery season which does not include crossbows. They were fun to hunt. I put some blinds on water holes but they seemed to be shy of them. I think if I had longer for them to get used to I would have got a close shot. I decided to try stalking them but the closest I could get was 50 - 55yds. My limit was 40. If i had a gun it would have been slam dunk. I think I just missed the main rut as some bucks were chasing others. A good decoy would have really helped i think. There was no way to get a tag in the draw for the firearm season odds like 7 percent. But if you could get them that close with a gun or crossbow the shot would have been easier. A lot of my buddies shot out to 70 yards with there compounds but with my shoulder problems and low poundage it's too far. However at 50 or 55 with my micro I would have taken the shot. They are hard to sneak up on because the country where I was is low rolling hills and they can see a long ways. If it were me I would take both unless you are going to a place that alllows the crossbow in archery season. I would use the crossbow first then switch to the gun .

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Re: Antelope Hunting

Post by elkaholic » Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:56 am

A lot of hunters from Arizona make a trip to Wyoming every yr. Fairly easy to get drawn -- I'm sure they get a buck and a doe tag.

I'm waiting 19 yrs. to draw a rifle tag here in Arizona.

Archery tags here are just as hard to draw- no crossbow seasons
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Re: Antelope Hunting

Post by ko4nrbs » Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:27 pm

Antelope Hunt of a Green Horn!!

Hunt vehicle- Two wheel drive 1979 Subrau 2 door sedan. Two antelope easily fits in trunk with legs sticking out.

When I lived in South Western Wyoming in the late 1970's I hunted antelope in the Bitter Creek area of Sweetwater county with a rifle. I chose that area because because for what ever reason I never had a problem drawing tags in that area. I knew next to nothing about antelope hunting so I was very lucky. I just drove east on Interstate 80 and turned off on going South on Bitter Creek road (gravel road east of Point of Rocks). Drove around until I saw a herd of antelope then stalked them using the draws and washes to conceal myself. Never had a problem filling my two tags there. Never killed a trophy but did kill some nice antelope. Don't know if now a days that area still produces but would guess it still does.

If you are very patient and don't mind crawling on your belly a crossbow kill could be done. I believe a decoy and maybe a Ghost Blind would be crucial. I killed one of mine at about 40 yards. It was on the other side of a small hill that I used for concealment. Crawled in the Sage brush until I had a good shot. Only traveled about 20 yards or so after being shot.

If you do not have the luxury of spending quality time in whatever area you choose to hunt I would suggest an outfitter. As an example the BLM land I hunted covered many, many, thousands of acres. I just happen to drive to the right spot. If hunting from another state I wouldn't want to just take my chances.

On another note I once saw a herd of antelope totally fixated on a draw below the hill they were assembled on. The antelope were frozen in their tracks and made no movements at all. They were around 100 yards from me. I had already filled my tags and was just watching them. A few minutes later a coyote came trotting out of the draw giving me a good broadside shot. I shot him and of course the antelope ran off. Maybe tote along a coyote decoy as well. Set it up and stalk from the opposite direction??

In the late 1970's I heard of Trophy antelope bucks killed in the Farson,Wyoming area. Small town 40 miles north of Rock Springs, Wy.

Good luck,
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