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Trigger Noise

Post by WNYBILL » Sat Jan 27, 2018 12:32 pm

I am still in a search for a quieter crossbow. PLEASE, DE-COCK YOUR EXCALIBUR. Just decock your bow and listen to the noise. It does not come from vibration of the string and limbs, it is a noise of the pin releasing the string. You can hear it on the Excalibur tutorial on de-cocking.

I have watched the videos on youtube and really appreciate the time Paul spent photographing and posting. It is amazing how much everything vibrates and of course there is noise, but I think the loudest part of the noise is caused by the trigger pin releasing the string. Is there a chance it is the pin hitting some kind of stop after the string is released? I haven't taken my trigger apart, so am not sure just how it works.

My only real world experience is having several deer 100-125 yards away when I decocked my Axiom. They were all head down grazing, I de-cocked and looked back at them, they were all head up and looking right at me and hopped back into the cover within seconds.


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Re: Trigger Noise

Post by Normous » Sat Jan 27, 2018 1:23 pm

The de cocking sound is normal and there is not much you can do about it.

Next time if deer may be nearby try de cocking your crossbow behind an object such as a tree, heavy bushes, in a ditch or wait till you get to your vehicle further away from any game.

In other words, change your tactic.
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Re: Trigger Noise

Post by wildcatter » Sat Jan 27, 2018 1:25 pm

I hear this all the time, and have to think, you moving and looking back is what the deer react to. I have shot at deer with others over 50 yards away, and they don't jump, when they see the deer shot kick and take off, they look, and then when they see it keeps running away, they go the same direction it does.

I have dropped stuff outa the stand into loud crisp leaves with a thud added, and had deer within 60 or less yards, and had them rect quickly looking to see if they see danger in the direction it came from,, usually to drop that food vacuum and keep browsing as they were doing before. But I don't move, I freeze, I always concentrate on keeping my eyes from looking in theirs and wear good head and face camo. I just don't buy have of the noise caused it crap I hear on these forums.

Now maybe after 62 years and knowing what the reasons for spooking deer when I was young, or knowing how much more I understand deer language today makes a difference in my case. But for years I have found deer when I use good camo are blind! Quick subtle sounds when they are over 50 yards from the sound, they are almost deaf, to the point they doubt themselves and freeze to figure it out as a rule. But the one and only thing I pay 90% of my attention to is that nose! You can't fool it, and if they hold up at a distance when they hit that scent, but don't leave, many times all it takes is the slightest movement or noise to then make them book out!

You just can't fool that nose. But even my old Exomax at 54 yards, proved if they here it, it is the last thing they here. Bow noise is no longer anything I worry about today, but I know what the deers language, where my scent is going, and how I need to blend into my environment, relate to my hunt, that trigger will be the last thing they hear, but at 100 yards I ant moving or making a noise to educate them, that would be a mistake!
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Re: Trigger Noise

Post by Boo » Sat Jan 27, 2018 1:34 pm

When released, the lower sear, which is attached to the trigger can't make any noise. The upper sear or latch, when released, hits a soft coloured polymer buffer. When hitting the plastic buffer it does make a small almost metallic noise. The latch does not make a metal to metal contact unless that buffer is missing.
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Re: Trigger Noise

Post by janesy » Sat Jan 27, 2018 1:46 pm

Haha, how would the CO's know what time you decocked your bow if it didnt make that terrible racket?
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