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Camo Exomax

Post by shafferm » Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:25 pm

Full camo Exomax with less than 50 shots on it from new when bought in late 2014. Includes stringing aid, cocking aid, factory string, S5 bumpers. Varizone, varizone box, Butler creek covers and turned adapters on the covers so that they stay closed. Modified cheek piece and stock so that it is adjustable to get proper eye placement, especially if you are thinking of using an HHA Optimizer. Countersunk screws on the scope rail. $500 shipped to the lower 48. Would be willing to ship to Canada without scope, can discuss pricing if you are north of the border. This is a fine example of the biggest long limb bow made that got to 350 fps at only 225 pounds of draw weight. Started tinkering on the Matrix and Micro series of bows, so time for this one to go.
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