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ageless mind
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Scope mount question

Post by ageless mind » Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:54 am

Im considering adding a scope or red dot( leaning more toward red dot) to my exo 165, anyone know which mount I would need and experiences with a dot scope?

Thank you

gerald strine
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Re: Scope mount question

Post by gerald strine » Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:33 am

The standard scope mount rail will work with the red dot scopes if you need one Danny miller will have one 740-483-2312
I have very limited experience with them I put one on my Equinox just before I sold it because I did not want to sell the scope I had on it and I had a used ten point 3 dot red dot scope I picked up at a good price. I sighted it in and it was very compact and light but I missed the low power magnification the scopes offer and the red dot was not as good in low light as my Twilight scope is. the aiming points wear very close to being on at 30 and 40 yards after sighting in at 20 yards but not perfect.
over all it would kill deer just fine but I prefer the traditional speed rated scopes myself .
if you are going for a very light bow than the red dot is a good option make sure you get one that has adjustable brightness for different hunting conditions I am pretty sure most of them do.
You may want to repost this in the crossbow hunting section of forum it is a better place for questions than the trading post.
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Re: Scope mount question

Post by xcaliber » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:37 am

Most come with rings specific to their model that fit weaver mounts. There are some crossbow specific with multiple aiming dots for out to 50 yards, and are non-adjustable for speed. They are preset for 300 FPS. If you want to use one aiming point, I would suggest a Bushnell Trophy series. Built very tough, and reasonably priced. Set it dead on for 30 yards, and practice aiming points for 20 & 40 yards.

Good Luck with your choice! :wink:
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