Canadian Public Safety Minister.

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Canadian Public Safety Minister.

Post by Hot Pepper Dude » Tue Dec 01, 2015 5:43 pm

The Liberal government's Public Safety Minister, Mr. Ralph Goodale, is no friend of the firearms community. Geez, what a friggin' surprise that is! A Liberal against us legal and responsible gun owners. Go figure. And after all the figuring, if you have the answer please let me know. I already have an answer, but if you want to vent, then chime in!

The usual crap is coming from his open and distasteful mouth. Phewee, go see your dentist dude 'cause your Liberal breath smells like horse manure!!!!!

Same old poop. Ban all handguns, and everything else save for hunting rifles. Does this meathead know that you can legally hunt Moose, Bear, and Deer, with an AR-15? My money says NO!

I know of one gun retailer in Orillia, Ontario, Canada, that has multiple requests for the purchase of handguns EVERY TIME THE GOVERNMENT MENTIONS A BAN. Go figure.

Being informed is being forewarned. The Conservative Party of Canada are our only allies and supporters. I voted for them. Hope you did as well.

Regards, H.P.D.

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