Thoughts on the Stryker Katana 385

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Thoughts on the Stryker Katana 385

Post by savannah » Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:41 pm

I have had several different crossbows since my state started allowing them. I have a Matrix 380 and just got rid of my compound. I am looking for a new compound and I've gotten it down to two different models and would like any input you have from experience. I was pretty set on the Stryker Katana 385 when I was able to shoot the Tenpoint Turbo GT. Both bows are top quality, smooth, compact, fast, and not the most current model out there calling for a crazy amount of money. Both can be had new for about $800-900 bucks.

The Tenpoint has this Accu-draw 50 thing that keeps the cord right on the bow and allegedly reduces the pull weight. I have zero experience with this. The bow is very compact and shoots approx 360FPS. Top quality in Tenpoint and its customer service.

The Stryker is also compact but a little larger width than the Tenpoint. Tenpoint is 17 uncocked to 13 cocked. Stryker is 19 uncocked to 16 cocked. The Stryker has larger cams and is very smooth and quiet. The Stryker is 25 FPS faster. I dont know about either in accuracy as I only drew and test shot them at my local Cabela's. Color and camo on both look good, so does shape, fit/feel. Both are very close in length (about 35" and weight around 7lbs).

If you have any experience or thoughts can you please share them with me.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Thoughts on the Stryker Katana 385

Post by Boo » Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:20 pm

I have the 360 and 385 Katana. I haven't shot the 385 yet but have shot the 360 a fair bit. It's super easy to cock and shoots extremely well and quiet with no recoil to speak of. It handles just as naturally as any Excalibur with the exception of being a bit more nose heavy. I have no idea why I bought the 385 because the 360 leaves nothing to be desired. When it gets more mild around here, I'll be getting out to shoot the 385 but I suspect that the extra 25 ft/sec isn't going to thrill me.
I haven't tried different arrow combos or a different scope yet but the factory arrows with 125 gr field tips easily give me less than 3" at 40 yards.
One thing of note is that I've only had to make small adjustments once and havent had to adjust after 150 shots.
Good luck on your quest.
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