FS/FT Phoenix/Exocet/Exomag stocks

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FS/FT Phoenix/Exocet/Exomag stocks

Post by tomcat » Fri Feb 02, 2018 10:36 am

Have a Mint condition Realtree Hardwoods stock(new style w/5 lines)that I took off new bow.
Also have an old style Phoenix/Exocet/Exomag in Realtree Hardwoods.
I replaced these stocks with Vixen stocks for shorter LOP years ago and they've been collecting dust since.
Would trade either for an Ibex stock, other Excal items or a cash offer.
Micro 315 - Tact Zone
Vortex - XB-30 Pro
Maxpoint 175/XB-30 Pro
Exocet -Twilight DLX/Vixen2 stock

Jerry's Spynal Tapps
Rocket Steelhead 100's (same dozen for 10 years)

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