Matrix Mega 405 shooters, a question!

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Re: Matrix Mega 405 shooters, a question!

Post by Back strap » Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:51 pm

SEW wrote:
Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:52 am
I got my M380 for a # of reasons: 1) get off the merry go around of constantly "upgrading" to keep up with current technology and to have a supported xbow, 2) to be able to sell service and get parts/Warrenty service directly, 3) get around the slow getting out of time, 4) extreme, consistent accuracy, 5) economics - buy and keep indefinitely, 6) many others.

Loved it so much that a M405 was added, as well as a used BD400 and used M405.

Excaliburs have lifetime warrenties. Approved for 350g arrows. Fact - once enough energy is obtained, more just sticks the arrow farther in the ground on the other side of the animal or farther away or both. Any legal weight arrow out of the M405 has excessive energy (for deer & bear) out to well past 100 yards.

I tested 380g - 476g arrows in various configurations. My goal is to have the most accurate to 100 yds, lethal, fastest practical and lowest ballistic coefficient = flattest trajectory. I tested a variety of arrows.

Factors concerning trajectory. Least to most drag and control: straight fletch -> offset -> helical (more drag acts like more weight at back of arrow), Least to most vane control: field point-> expandible -> small fixed BH -> large fixed BH. Fact: once ideal minimum foc is reached, more only contributes to poorer trajectory (more penetration but if more than adequate, not needed), longer arrow - needs less foc, thought to "plane" better (?), lighted nocks require heavier insert/BH wt to keep same foc.

If 50 yards is your max, shoot whatever. Trajectory differences will be minor. I'd prolly shoot 450-500gs.

If interested in 50-100 yds or inbetween, consider the following (with the M405. 8190 string, 40-44 strands, 4 or 5" serving, 0.036" AM.

Expandible : 180-200g insert/BH, flat plastic nock, 18-20" arrow (depending on length of BH), Zombie, offset, not helical Blazers or SK300s, not 200s. If lighted nocks, add equal wt difference to insert/BH.

Smaller fixed: slightly increase point weight 10-20gs and helical or maybe stay offset with vanes. Try and see.

Medium or large BHs, helical Blazers, even slightly heavier point weight.

With a stiff enough spine, Zombies have - do spine index, more foc than minimally needed doesn't hurt accuracy but worsens trajectory. Greater penetration with more foc is a generally accepted belief; but, if you have excess energy already, so what?

I'm shooting , 92g inserts, 125g Spitfires, 20" zombies, Lumenocks, offset Blazers in one 405. In the other, 80 g inserts, flat plastic nocks, offset Blazers, 100 g Spitfires (will try the 100g hypodermics).

In each, configuration, I have the same but helical and shoot 100 and 125 g Grizz Tricks also.

Without question, the arrow configurations mentioned by Paul and one near the start of this thread will work well. I go to great lengths to maximize trajectory - like getting free additional speed.
I knew a post like that was coming. And you can take that one to the bank!
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Re: Matrix Mega 405 shooters, a question!

Post by SEW » Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:52 pm

I do think SK300s in offset are hard to beat.

If undecided on point weight, go a little more. But most arrow receipts I read are way over foc'd for longer range shooting. They're great out to 50 yards. Likewise, more vane control than necessary just creates more drag than needed - like having a tiny parachute behind the nock.

I'm concentrating on optimizing what I have, not getting new. Many try to get flatter trajectories by concentrating on getting faster xbows. A much cheaper way to get your xbow to act like it is 20-30'/sec faster is by optimizing the arrow. This is the same as shooting a much higher BC'd bullet out of the same rifle.

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