TR 530 IL Instructions and Illumination

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TR 530 IL Instructions and Illumination

Post by SEW » Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:01 am

I got this scope in a generic, white box. The enclosed instructions were sketchy also. The lens cover adjustment pieces were included with the scope but nothing about them nor lens cover adjustment is mentioned in the manual. The yardage measurement instructions take "no", "zero" account for variances in arrow flight due to drag or FOC variances.

1) Range adjustment states to set the bow's advertized range, sight in at 10, then refine at 20 (all's well so far) and then sight in the 30 with the 30 reticle and the scope will be good to 100 yards (not good). This was obviously written by someone who knows NOTHING about ballistics, math, common sense, I'll stop there.

Do this: set your best guess at the speed with the arrow wt you're using. Sight in at 10 (with the 20 yd xhair), then refine it at 20 and make it as accurate as possible, vertically and relatively close horizontally. Then shoot at 40 yards and now only adjust the speed ring to get it relatively close vertically. Tweak the horizontal. Then do the 60 yard sighting and carefully adjust the vertical with the speed ring and horizontal. NOW, you should be good 20-60 yards, very close at 70 and likely 80. IF, you're going to consider shooting at 80 or more, carefully adjust the 80 xhair as previously described for the 60.
Go back and now check that all ranges are close between the max sighted-in range and 20. And the farther range marks.

2) Illumination. It's just way too bright on the lowest setting. I think Hawke has improved this on the latest version of their own scope line. Many of us use the 2032 batteries in our key fobs, scales, etc. Battery test these; and as they get weaker, put them into the scope. In low light actual hunting situations, sight on the game then turn on the illumination just prior to shooting with the illumination turned as low as it will go. A cheap scope characteristic is overly bright illumination. There are ways to minimize. This is one way.

The glass is surprisingly good, the reticle is good but not as nice as the XB75 but does go on to 100 and is illuminated. If this tells you anything, this scope is replacing a Zeiss XB75 that will be going on the Solution my grandson occasionally uses.

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Re: TR 530 IL Instructions and Illumination

Post by robertyb » Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:14 pm

1 of mine also replaced a Zeiss XB75, the other a Leupold Crossbones.
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Re: TR 530 IL Instructions and Illumination

Post by Rambeaux » Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:46 pm

Very helpful info Sew! I like my TR and for the price, it's a win/win. I prefer it over my Tact-zone any day.
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