Matrix Mega 405

The Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 is a hard-hitting powerhouse that’s built for today’s most serious hunter, The Mega 405’s blistering speeds and bone crushing power makes it the most capable crossbow for taming the world’s biggest and deadliest game … one arrow at a time.

Make no mistake: This is the industry’s most serious crossbow. Think of it as archery’s version of an African double-rifle. It’s fun to own and shoot, but it’s not meant for tournament competitions or backyard target games. That’s because the Matrix Mega 405 packs a lethal combination of power, high-speed and flat-shooting performance.

The compact Matrix Mega 405 weighs in at 6.2 pounds and features a 290-pound draw weight, 13.8-inch power stroke, and arrow speeds exceeding 405 fps. And yet it can be comfortably hand-cocked with Excalibur’s efficient T-Handle Crossbow Cocking Rope.
Like the Matrix 380, introduced a year ago, the Matrix Mega 405 features Excalibur’s Compact Recurve Technology. Along with its compact Ergo Grip stock, this crossbow provides stable, in-close, well-balanced control for precision shooting. Further, its shorter, more powerful limbs are 60 percent stronger than Excalibur’s previous standard-setting most-durable limbs. The 405 also features Excalibur’s Quad-Loc riser that contains each limb on four sides for maximum accuracy and consistency.