Why Excalibur?

With so many crossbows on the market, we felt it was time to show why Excalibur Crossbows stand apart. Our tried and trusted recurve limb design has features that no other crossbow can boast. Accurate and Reliable, Easy to Use, Tried, Trusted and Easy Back to Action…plus the ability to easily and safely de-cock your crossbow without having to fire an arrow.

Don’t gamble with your hunt by buying the wrong crossbow. Trust is earned, and Excalibur crossbows provide the durability and accuracy you can depend on in the moments that count. There is a bonus! if you cut your string in the heat of the moment, Excaliburs are the only crossbows that get you back to the hunt in a matter of minutes. Don’t believe us? Check out our DESTRUCTION CHALLENGE, it will make you a believer.

“I’m tough on gear and Excalibur is the only crossbow I can abuse and still hit the bullseye, every time.” – Bruce P.

Tech Tips

Change your String

Damage your string in the field, changed it in under 60 sec.

Decocking your Crossbow

You can easily and silently decock your crossbow, saving you time and money!

Loading an Arrow

Loading an Excalibur crossbow is easy! Always ensure the arrow is fully seated!

Cocking your Crossbow

Proper cocking ensures consistent alignment of the string...key to repeatable accuracy.

Setting Brace Height

For superior performance and accuracy, ensure your Brace Height is set correctly.