New York: Crossbow Regulations Bill S1386A
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New York: Gallivan’s Crossbow Bill S1386A

March 14, 2018


Gallivan’s crossbow Bill S1386A has been become part of Budget Bill S7508B

Your immediate help is needed if you would like to see crossbows included in the NY full archery season.  If you would like to support this crossbow hunting expansion you must contact your State Senator or Assembly person in the next day or two and ask they support Part KKK of Budget Bill S7508B and not allow it to be removed from the budget bill.

You can find the contact info for you legislatures by using the following look up link. Click Here To Look Up Your Legislators

When you contact your legislature be sure to make your comments brief and polite. Ask that you would like their help in keeping section KKK in the budget bill so crossbows will be in the future in the full archery season.

To Read Bill S1386A in its entirety,