Lee Phillips grew up in Ohio, and developed a passion for the whitetail deer at an early age. He began tagging along with his father on hunts at the age of ten, and has spent over four decades in the whitetail woods. He has pursued them exclusively with a crossbow for over thirty years. His interest in the whitetail has grown into a year-round hobby, as he gained and understanding of their life cycle and nutritional needs, their movements and habit requirements, and perfected the methods to consistently harvest mature whitetail bucks. Recently Lee achieved a personal milestone by harvesting his 25th whitetail buck with a crossbow. He is also a “trail camera junkie”, and takes in excess of 30,000 trail cam photos every year.

Lee is currently a Field Editor for Crossbow Connection Magazine, and he has at least one article in every issue. He has been privileged to hunt in many areas of the country, and has hunts planned out for the next several years to many new destinations.


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