How's your deer season going?

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How's your deer season going?

Post by Carnivorous »

Typical limited free time to hunt and its been rather slow when I have the bow in my hands... lol

I did good in our black powder hunt. One 6 point and a doe. :)

Nothing with archery gear yet but I'll keep trying until Dec 31st 30 min after sunset!!

It's all good because this gives me a reason to keep at it... :)
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Re: How's your deer season going?

Post by xcaliber »

Mine has been thwarted due to my brain surgery. I’m hoping to get out soon however.
Good luck Jeff and enjoy your time in the woods!
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Re: How's your deer season going?

Post by elkaholic »

Hunted 9 days in the high deserts 🏜 of AZ., for Coues deer. We filled 2 of 5 tags. Saw lots of does but few shooter bucks.

Great time we great freinds.

Next up piggys, javelina
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Re: How's your deer season going?

Post by AJ01 »

Been too dang busy. I guess that's a good thing!! :think: I haven't been but about 3 times. Hopefully, things are getting ready to slow down, and I'll be able to go once I get the Tundra issue fixed.
Check engine light flashed me 4 days ago. Computer said, "misfire on #6". Replaced coil pack, complete tune up on the rest. Re-set the computer, fired her up, she ran for like 30 seconds and threw the same code. :eusa-doh:
Toyota Tech looked at her and said... "ya need a new motor"!! :wtf: #6 is down to half of the normal compression. :sick:

Guess I'll be looking for a new "Yota" real soon!! :eusa-think:
Poor old thing only has 304,800 miles on her. And that's on a '17 model!!! :lol: :lol:

And nope...ain't killed a deer yet!! But I'm supposed to go in mid-December out west of San Angelo!! I'll take out my frustration out there. It's a 5 deer county, plus Javelina and hogs!!
Plus I've got until January around here. So...I'm okay!!

Dan I wish ya was closer!! :wave:
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"Howdy"... from Deep within the Heart of the East Texas Piney Woods!! :wave:
Just make mine an Excalibur!!
AJ :mrgreen:
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Re: How's your deer season going?

Post by DuckHunt »

Practically done for me. For the first time in more than a decade I didn't take a nice buck during the rut with my muzzleloader and haven't taken one with a rifle either. But I'm not complaining. My archery season was excellent. I bagged three antlerless deer and two bucks with my Excaliburs during September and October. The freezers are full enough that I was able to donate the last and largest one to the Hunters for the Hungry program.

This part of the season it's tough for me to crawl out of a warm bed with morning temps below freezing to go climb a mountain to a piece of property that is impossible to enter without pushing any resident deer off of it.
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Re: How's your deer season going?

Post by IronNoggin »


The Blacktail die-off on the Island is serious.
After what we have seen and heard, I decided I could not in clear conscience kill any of them this season.
They will need All Hands On Deck if they are to recover...

So all my eggs switched over to our annual late archery season on the mainland in December.
Then the storms, washouts and slides nuked all the highways between here and there.
Really don't know if they will get any of them passable, and even if they do, don't know how badly I want to run on any of them.

If it goes the way I think it might, this will be the first year in 51 years I have not taken at least one deer... :thumbdown:

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Re: How's your deer season going?

Post by Prmtvbowman22 »

Deer hunting has been tough this year. Tonight was my 21st hunt saw deer 3 hunts.. Coyotes are thick on 1 farm. Shot a big one tonite 4th one this year. 2 crossbow 2buckshot. The first one was colored like a yellow lab I had to watch him a while to make sure it wasn't somebody's dog.
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Re: How's your deer season going?

Post by Species8472 »

Been very slow for me. Went out Oct 01 - badly broken leg as a result. Stayed home to last Tuesday. Fed up, went out, killed a nice 6 pt with the matrix. Didn't pay right away but leg has been a total cluster &^%$ since last Thursday morning. On the bright side venison in the freezer.
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Re: How's your deer season going?

Post by Riflemanz »

It's been great here in SE Wi starting around Nov-1. Rut was really kicking in. I shot 2 doe, my brother shot 1 doe. I had a 8pt buck mount a doe at 50yds from me. He came in to 35tds but would not turn to give me a perfect shot. I should of shot him right down the chest because he was facing me. He then walked off into thick crap. I still have a buck tag and I bought another doe tag so I can hunt until Jan-31st.
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Re: How's your deer season going?

Post by Reinyrooster »

Between 3 of us, we have one doe from the first muzzleloader/shotgun week. Other then that, not seeing much of anything this whole season.
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Re: How's your deer season going?

Post by frisky »

Not a bow kill....but I got a nice 4 point, wide antlers fair on the weight with Wi rifle season. Filled my tag and I am happy Good luck the rest of the season everyone
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Re: How's your deer season going?

Post by Farmer »

5 for 5 on controlled hunt with ML...all done by Wednesday of the 1st week...hung in cooler for 2 weeks and a couple days cut and wrap ..may bow hunt with my son over the Christmas Holidays
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Re: How's your deer season going?

Post by nchunterkw »

Killed 4 with my Micros. But sadly also made a bad shot on a nice buck. 400yard blood trail in the pines over 2 days resulted in only many scratches from the thorns. Hunting buddy has killed 3 I think, and our rookie bowhunter got his first deer. So overall pretty good, but I'd like for us to kill at least 4 more on the property we hunt to keep the landowners happy.
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