Freezer Queen and a lesson learned

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Freezer Queen and a lesson learned

Post by wheelsquad »

My wife and I, and my parents, and the brother I hunt the most with all ran out of venison earlier than planned a few months ago. So we had it set that we were going to put a doe in the freezer the first chance we had this fall. Season opened yesterday in MN, and we got out for the first sit in the afternoon.

I was set up in The Rig at a new waterhole we put in a couple months ago, and brother was set up over a big food plot. He had quite a few come out early, but nothing was within range early on. Was slow by me, but then about 6:10 I had 2 doe come from over my shoulder, and they were only 15 yds away when I first saw them.

My setup at the waterhole is a bunch of logs that we piled up so that I could pull right into in The Rig, and have some good cover.

Well with the direction these 2 deer came from, and being so close and at eye level, I was concerned they were going to bust me the moment I let out a "meh" to get her to stop for a shot. I've had that happen before. So I told myself I'd get ready for the shot and looking through the scope, and as soon as I saw her stop, I'd shoot. Well that happened, but I think with her being so close and magnification level of the scope, what appeared to be a deer that was stopped
... wasn't. I watched the lighted nock zip through her and knew it was further back than I had ever intended. Transfered the video from the tactacam to my phone while still in the brush blind, and saw right away she never stopped walking. Dangit.

So lesson learned.... Patience. I should have waited for her to stop, or let the 2nd one get in the shooting lane instead, and maybe try to stop her with a "meh" after the 1st one was through.

Upside is I still clipped the very back of the near lung, and got the far side lung pretty good. But she was still able to run for 20 seconds and 200 yds... A lot of that in a thick (and dry) swamp. Got lucky to find blood after 100 yds once the cavity finally filled to the level of both holes. Then it was easy tracking after that. She was already stiff when we found her 3.5 hours after the shot, confirming the crashing I heard was her.

Was a fun night, got some venison now, and always good to learn something you can apply at a future time.

Video of the shot:
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Re: Freezer Queen and a lesson learned

Post by ODH »

Congrats on a doe.
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Re: Freezer Queen and a lesson learned

Post by AJ01 »

Congrats Tyler!! Enjoy the rewards of your success!!! :thumbup:
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Re: Freezer Queen and a lesson learned

Post by grouse »

It doesn't seem like your hit was especially bad. You have the deer and she died quickly. It's all good!
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Re: Freezer Queen and a lesson learned

Post by Bcxbow »

Way to go Tyler. :thumbup:
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Re: Freezer Queen and a lesson learned

Post by Riflemanz »

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Re: Freezer Queen and a lesson learned

Post by Hatchet »

Congratulations Tyler, off to a good start man!
You know how to know if you're a good crossbow hunter?
When even your "bad" shots are good! :lol:
Take care😁
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Re: Freezer Queen and a lesson learned

Post by Boo »

Good work Tyler! Congratulations on the first of the year!
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Re: Freezer Queen and a lesson learned

Post by longbow joe »

Congratulations Tyler. Enjoy your freezer queen.
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Re: Freezer Queen and a lesson learned

Post by gerald strine »

You got it done nice job !
Congratulations on your Doe , nice job on the follow up recovery.
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Re: Freezer Queen and a lesson learned

Post by Patcon »

Love the videos!
Congrats on the harvest
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Re: Freezer Queen and a lesson learned

Post by DuckHunt »

Congrats on the freezer queen. Considering the slightly quartering away angle, that wasn't a bad shot. You squarely hit the far lung. It's amazing how much ground one can cover in a short period. Good job on the recovery.
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Re: Freezer Queen and a lesson learned

Post by janesy »

Great Job Tyler!
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Re: Freezer Queen and a lesson learned

Post by mr meat »

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Re: Freezer Queen and a lesson learned

Post by xcaliber »

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