shooting targets with broadheads

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Re: shooting targets with broadheads

Post by Brenjen » Sun Jul 11, 2010 4:42 pm

You'll find this like so many other things is a personal preference; I liked to use a diamond hone from a clamp on/angle setting kit like a lansky sharpening kit. Or just buy new ones, I've never found a new broadhead that wasn't sharp enough to drop the deer I shot but I always used either muzzy or thunderhead & didn't try other types (in other words - no experience with other blades) & I never had to track one farther than 10 yards in my life ( that I shot, now my buddy shot a BB one year.... :roll: )

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Re: shooting targets with broadheads

Post by Dereck » Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:42 pm

lupien wrote:
Dereck wrote:I have 5 points of aim on my target so I can shoot 3 to five arrows at once.
That way I don't wreck any.


Hey Dereck,

What is that target made of? By the looks of it I assume you built it yourself?

It is made of a mesh bag like decoy bag material lots of old clothes with all zippers, buttons etc. taken off and put in a box to keep it upright.Also some blue 1/2" foam to keep the surface flat.
It works great and very easy to remove arrows.
Reason I made it.Cheap is the word.
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