Happy Thanksgiving!

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by phil » Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:33 am

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Lets leave at least acouple of birds to strut in front of us this may @ 20 yds :D
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by vixenmaster » Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:47 am

Happy ThanksGiving, no hunting fer me today & were having a big pork roast n sweet taters
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by Cossack » Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:58 am

Same your way. Wife and I are having a min-giving today, then will travel to southern part of state for a joint event on Sat. Just as well, it's -7F, wind and snow prevail. Perfect day for staying indoors, messin' with gear and cooking.
Waiting for the snow to stop so I can try out my new ATV plow.
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by j.krug » Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:03 am

Happy Thanksgiving to all our US friends!!
Have a great day!! :)
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by secret » Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:04 am

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! To all!!!
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by OMC-MOOSE » Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:07 am

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I am thankful for all of the great help and answers to questions I've received here in the last 8-9 months or so. Thank You all very much!
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by LUDDY » Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:42 am

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!! :D :D :D
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by Doe Master » Thu Nov 25, 2010 5:13 pm

:) Happy Thanksgiving to our brothers and sisters below the Border . :)
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by wabi » Thu Nov 25, 2010 5:25 pm

bstout wrote:Don't eat too much, y'all! :D
Too late! :( :shock: :lol:

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by Riflemanz » Thu Nov 25, 2010 6:39 pm

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I was going to go hunt after eating but took a nap instead! :lol:
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by raydaughety » Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:14 pm

I went and got in my stand after a hefty meal and slept for 2 hours :mrgreen: . I'm fixin to hit that bird.........again :D . Happy Thanksgiving y'all.
God Bless !!!!!!!!!


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