Early Bow Season in Nova Scotia

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Early Bow Season in Nova Scotia

Post by Raymond » Mon Jun 11, 2012 5:56 am

Hey Folks,
Here is an email I received from the Minister of DNR NS in regards to allowing crossbows into the and I quote,"the 2012 special open season for bowhunting deer". I still don't think they class us as bow hunters as they do the Long bow and the Compound bow hunters here in Nova Scotia. Imagine this, it only took 34 days to get an answer back. What a government we have in Nova Scotia. In my opinion and a lot of others, the Darrel Dexter NDP Majority Government is the worst we have ever had for quite some time. How blind were the voters at the last election. I bet there has been some blind folds removed for a while. How difficult can it be to open up a word processing program and add a few words in regards to allowing crossbows to be used in the early bow hunting season?

Mr. Raymond J. Challoner
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Challoner:
I am responding on behalf of Premier Darrell Dexter to your email of May 2, 2012 regarding opportunity for crossbow hunters to hunt during the 2012 special open season for bowhunting deer.

Since 2008, we have made considerable progress on providing opportunities for hunting with crossbows. I understand that crossbow hunters remain anxious to have increased opportunity to hunt deer during the early fall, prior to the opening of the general open season for hunting deer.

The department has prepared a series of proposed amendments to several sets of regulations pursuant to the Wildlife Act. These proposals impact several sets of regulations and are currently undergoing the regulatory review and approval process. This process began in 2011. However, completion of this detailed work can be time consuming and must be balanced with the delivery of other government priorities.

It is the intention of the department to submit proposed regulatory amendments at the earliest opportunity so that we may update our hunting regulations and provide more balanced opportunities to crossbow and other hunters. We will communicate to the hunting public on any approved changes when they become effective.

If you have any additional comments or concerns, please contact Mike O'Brien, Manager, Sustainable Wildlife Use at (902) 679-6091.

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by

Charlie Parker

Minister of Natural Resources

c Honourable Darrell Dexter, Premier

Mike O'Brien, Manager, Sustainable Wildlife Use

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