Important NY Crossbow News....

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Important NY Crossbow News....

Post by sits in trees » Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:25 am

Subject: [NYCrossbowCoalition] Flag this message It is much bigger than
the Crossbow issue
From: "nycc_alert" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, June 14, 2012 6:42 pm
To: [email protected]

Please read this so you know how politics are working in this State.
I, along with a few others, have spent a minimum of 40 hours just since last Thursday on the crossbow legislation with calls, emails and letters. The Senate passed Senator Gallivan's bill (S6747a) Wednesday afternoon. What we now have is one assemblyman (Sweeney) and the NY Bowhunters (with less than 2,000 members) dictating to ~40 sportsmen's organizations who represent thousands of sportsmen in the State that the Ryan bill (A9682) will not be allowed to even be voted on. Sweeney is working with a Senator on a companion bill (to Sweeney's)that will extend the gun/crossbow season 2 years but put handcuffs on the DEC regarding crossbow and archery season regulations and put a stop to the proposed youth deer hunt. Ryan's bill has 40 bipartisan sponsors. This is not a democratic process and we should not sit on our hands and allow it to happen. Sweeney has stated that if his bill (a10583) with no co-sponsors does not pass and he does not get his way crossbow in the gun season dies at the end of this year and will likely never be allowed in the future in any season.
Today I wrote and had a letter faxed to the Governor, leaders of the Assembly, the Assistant Secretary for the Environment, Commissioner Martens and several legislators requesting they put A9682 on the floor for a vote. May not make a difference put worth a try. Based on phone discussion with some of these key people they are very much aware of the turbulence around this issue and trying to figure out what to do. You can help them decide.
It would be wise if all parties call the Governor's office TOMORROW and respectfully request that A9682 be brought to a vote in the Assembly. If you do not at least try you are indirectly caving in to a dictator style of government that transfers to much more than just sportsmen's legislation. Note there are only four more legislation session days and it is all over.
Anyone who gets enjoyment and satisfaction out of wildlife, forests, hunting, fishing and the great outdoors in general should consider it their obligation to give back more than they receive. Please get involved or stay involved and help protect our hunting heritage and sustain our conservation initiatives. It will be your everlasting foot print and legacy!

Larry G. Becker
Gainesville, NY 14066

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