What Type Of Rain Gear Do You Carry With You?

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Re: What Type Of Rain Gear Do You Carry With You?

Post by IronNoggin » Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:47 pm

If you wait for the sky-water to quit here in Lotus Land, you'll likely miss the vast majority of the season! They don't call it a Rain Forest without cause!! :lol:

Helly Hansen Impertech jacket and bib pants are THE way to go. Extremely light (roll up into a very small package) yet a LOT more durable than you'd ever suspect!
They come in Forest Green (kind of a drab olive) and a couple patterns of camo.

My second set has lasted over 5 years of hunting HARD here, and still going. Something that here, I simply won't leave home without them! :wink:

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Re: What Type Of Rain Gear Do You Carry With You?

Post by robertyb » Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:04 pm

Adrian J Hare wrote:Dont forget guys that another great item for the damp rainy weather is the tree unbrellia. I use them all the time as they help with limiting the dampness and will keep rain and snow off your scopes while on sit.

Far as I'm concerned they are one of the best hunting items out there that can be used any where.
My umbrella is strapped to the front bar of my Summit Viper year round. It is almost a required item like having a weapon to me.
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