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Re: Rangefinder

Post by Hoagy » Sun Feb 03, 2013 6:27 pm

I purchased a Nikon Prostaff 550 on sale @ Cabela,s & I'm real happy with it.
For a while I couldnt justify the cost but I'm glad I spent da dough now.
I was going to mount it on the bow but ends up I hunt from a blind so I just hang it around my neck & slip it in my pocket where its handy yet out of the way.

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Re: Rangefinder

Post by gab » Sun Feb 03, 2013 6:48 pm

I use a Bushnell Legend Arc 1200. When I set-up my portable tree stand I take ranges on several trees so that when a deer comes by I know the range and am ready to go.

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Re: Rangefinder

Post by Pydpiper » Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:42 pm

Fazan wrote:Image


Where did you get that spiral cable?
Also, is that just a regular heat shrink over your switch or something softer?[/quote]

It's a modified switch from a flashlight, came just the way it looks. I cut off the end and made my own.
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Re: Rangefinder

Post by Fazan » Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:08 pm

Thanks David!
I really like your setup and I am in the process of making slightly modified version of it. Can't mount another ring on Nikon Bolt scope (no space) and also have Bushnell Yardage Pro Scout which is vertical, so I made my own bracket for it.
Back on topic, I am very happy with my rangefinder and find it VERY helpful in many ways.

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bob watkins
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Re: Rangefinder

Post by bob watkins » Mon Feb 04, 2013 6:10 am

i put a vendetta on this year pretty happy with so far i also have the archers choice which is very good

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