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Re: SoundDeadening

Post by blackjack » Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:56 am

ok you want a quite will have herd of most of these tricks before but they work at a cost, fps if you shoot a 225 lb xbow you will forfit about 15 fps maybe 20 fps it turns it into a 205-210 lb excal & also depends on your bolts but that's another storey, lighter bolts faster xbow, to me speed is nothing but for some people speed is the end all which is fine too, but if you really want a super quite bow follow these steps (dual whiskers excalibur string stoppers & behind them just cant think of there name vibraition dampners & Mathews string monkeys placed at the end of the string near the end loops, the string monkeys that is also underneath a limb saver stuck on to the frame,thats it, look at my vixen in the photos no monkeys though) crap inside the frame does nothing at all maybe 2 % 98 % comes from the limbs & the crack of the string & air mixed together is where the noise comes from, the stock itself is 2 peace from what l can see that's another problem that's why o' l mates y25 is very quite, you need to make the string & limbs quitter also use a tammer string, people we all have an opinion but these strings that are so tuff well think about it, hope all this helps, & also let your mate shoot the xbow before & after these mods with you standing 15 ft away & then tell me l'm wrong..& enjoy a nice sounding quite thud :lol: :lol: thanks mate & good luck
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