Buck Fever @ Age # 50?

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Re: Buck Fever @ Age # 50?

Post by Waif » Sat Nov 23, 2013 9:10 pm

Ohh yes.
I have missed some bruisers!
Once in a great while it goes right.
When its a miss with me its not the equipment.
One of the biggest bucks I,ve seen was doing a knock down running battle while a doe came in and a yearling buck came in and butted the giants respectable opponent!
There was no possible way I could let go of the tree limb I was holding on to!
Missed another giant once with the only two broad heads with me and he walked up into near handshaking range. :oops:
Good times. A little fever and the worlds troubles are far away because when we close our eyes we see true unbridled hunting passion in a missed deer moving out.
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