Scope Rings, Torq, Matrix Grizz Reds spacing, Equ. vs M.Griz

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Scope Rings, Torq, Matrix Grizz Reds spacing, Equ. vs M.Griz

Post by snugs » Wed Sep 30, 2015 1:01 am

Some questions:

1) Scope rings question:
I have the new Matrix Grizzly. I think it is the lite stuff package with the varizone scope. Anyways, do the rings have a front and back and are there front and back ring? For example, does it matter which way the rings go on (do they have a front and back side) or which top matches with which bottom(are the tops and bottoms paired) and is there any difference in each pair of top and bottoms (should one pair go to the front and the other to the back)?
I ask this because a group of 3 of us all bought these and it appears that one bow's rings was aligned great between the top and bottom...meaning the edges lined up perfectly. Another guys rings seemed to be slightly offset at the edges when comparing the tops and bottoms? I still haven't mounted mine, but was hoping I would tomorrow.

2) What torque should I tighten the scope rings down to?

3) Matrix Grizzly REDS spacing question:
My string appears to be right on the line for where the string should go. Does this mean that my spacing between the string and REDS is good? I'm not sure what they mean by farther than a credit card width. A credit card has a height, width, and depth. I am confused on if they are referring to what I consider width or depth? Depth is a very small space. Anyone know what spacing I should be looking at in terms of inches?

4) Equinox vs. Matrix Grizzly.
I own both bows, but can't say I'm an expert on this. I just got the grizzly on a good deal. I really like the equinox, but prefer the size, weight, and handguard on the m. grizzly. I will probably sell my equinox. Since, I'm not an expert, can someone give me some advice on this. Is the grizzly as good as the equinox? Is the only advantage to the equinox the FPS?

5) Any idea what a used Equinox Lite Stuff package is worth? I have just put on a new string, have a spare new string, cocking string, scope/scope cover, spare set of Excalibur bolts. In excellent condition.

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