Happy Birthday Starvin' Hillbilly

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Starvin' Hillbilly
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Re: Happy Birthday Starvin' Hillbilly

Post by Starvin' Hillbilly » Sun Oct 04, 2015 1:40 pm

Thank you my Excal and fellow huntsmen! . . .may yer shots are true and yer recoveries short!

One thing bout this forum (and this is the only one i've been on) never have i seen truer kinship and shared knowledge!

thank you!
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Re: Happy Birthday Starvin' Hillbilly

Post by Normous » Sun Oct 04, 2015 2:01 pm

Cheers, Happy Birthday and many many more.
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mr meat
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Re: Happy Birthday Starvin' Hillbilly

Post by mr meat » Sun Oct 04, 2015 2:47 pm

Happy Birthday
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one shot scott
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Re: Happy Birthday Starvin' Hillbilly

Post by one shot scott » Sun Oct 04, 2015 2:52 pm

All the best man!
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Re: Happy Birthday Starvin' Hillbilly

Post by bloodtrail » Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:50 pm

I'd rather be shooting my Excalibur.
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longbow joe
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Re: Happy Birthday Starvin' Hillbilly

Post by longbow joe » Sun Oct 04, 2015 4:25 pm

Enjoy your day
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Re: Happy Birthday Starvin' Hillbilly

Post by Buddyshort » Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:16 pm

Yes sir, happy birthday

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Re: Happy Birthday Starvin' Hillbilly

Post by wildcatter » Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:32 pm

Hope your havin happy and may you eat well today of all days, surely they'll find someth'n special for "Starvin Hillbilly on his birthday,,,,, :wink:

Happy birthday Ken!!
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