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ti64 hardware

Post by ThunderXB » Sat Feb 11, 2017 11:16 pm

Just some feedback after installing some Ti64 hardware.

Be extremely careful installing the new hardward as far as torquing it in. :shock: especially if you're a gorilla like me! :roll:

Titanium is much harder than the other Excal metal AND the Ti64 hardware has deeper sockets that allow you to torque it pretty good.

I half stripped out one of my scope mount screw holes so fast I couldn't believe it.

Fortunately the stock scope mount screws are just a touch longer and after running a tap through the hole, the factory screw snugged up very tight (whew!)

Other than that, the depth of the new hardware socket holes makes it much easier to install and (carefully) snug up.

In my opinion, the real locations to watch when installing Ti64 are the scope mount holes and the stock to rail holes because those have the least amount of material to grab.
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