Twilight vs TR530IL

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Twilight vs TR530IL

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Background : I’ve been disassembling various Excalibur models to educate myself on riser differences and limb design. But that’s not the subject of this thread and will likely never be the subject of a thread I’ll start.

I recently got a TR530IL and one of my borrowed Excal’s has a new Twilight from Danny Miller(what a great guy!).
I did a low light comparison.

The 530 is significantly smaller and lighter. I like the reticle better also and it’s range marks out to 100 yds as well as the extended 20 (center) lines that are easy to see in low light as well as the 6 o’clock line of the extended chair. Set on the same speed settings, the 530 has slightly better optics even though the objective lense is significantly smaller.

The Twilight has a vastly better lighted reticle. It goes from relatively low (not as low as a VXR, Weaver Classic Extreme, or a Zeiss Duralyt) to bright, in both green or red. It’s actually an excellent lighted reticle. The scope is huge! If I had a Twilight and didn’t want to shoot over 60-70 yds, ever, I wouldn’t get rid of it for a 530 unless size were a factor (likely on a Micro or other smaller version).

The 530 can be used slightly earlier or later than the Twilight

The TR530IL- smaller, but not exactly light, great scope covers, pretty decent glass, good extended center xhair that can be seen in low light, making 20 & 30 yard low light shots doable w/o using the lighted reticle which is unusable in very low light - just when you need it! As previously stated, the 530’s battery is the one used in most key fobs, scales and some tv remotes. The lighted reticle can be usable if one of these weakened 2032 batteries is used and turned on just before shooting. Doing this, a scope with decent glass but with a poor lighted reticle can have it all. For $114 eBay, $129 Amazon, the TR530IL is quite a buy. Surely I got one of the better ones since I paid$129. :(
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