Prayers for UPSMAN

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Prayers for UPSMAN

Post by Boo » Tue Oct 09, 2018 2:30 pm

Some of you might know that Dennis is waiting in a hospital for a sextuple heart bypass. It might get done in Thursday. So as you can imagine, this weighs heavy in his mind. So will you all give him a shout out and send prayers to help him ease the mounting tension?
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Re: Prayers for UPSMAN

Post by Bcxbow » Tue Oct 09, 2018 2:56 pm

Hopes and prayers for a full and speedy recovery Dennis. Take it easy and follow the doctors orders afterwards. :eusa-pray:

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Re: Prayers for UPSMAN

Post by xcaliber » Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:00 pm

Dennis, may the Lord be there for you and your family through this whole process. We're praying for a successful surgery, speedy recovery. Do as the doctors say, and be patient, you'll recover much easier that way.

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Re: Prayers for UPSMAN

Post by IronNoggin » Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:13 pm

Dennis! Did not know...
You are in our hearts & prayers Buddy!
Here's pulling for a speedy & successful surgery, and even quicker healing time!! :thumbup:

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Deaf jeff
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Re: Prayers for UPSMAN

Post by Deaf jeff » Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:09 pm

prayers and positive thoughts being sent.good luck with surgery and a "as good as possible healing"

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papa bear1
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Re: Prayers for UPSMAN

Post by papa bear1 » Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:51 pm

Prayers sent :eusa-pray: hang in there Dennis :thumbup:

Dave :eusa-pray:
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Jim M
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Re: Prayers for UPSMAN

Post by Jim M » Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:20 pm

You willl certainly be in our thoughts and prayers Dennis.12 years ago I had quintuple bypass surgery. I thought that might be a record, but sounds as though you're going to break it. Seriously, you won't believe how much better you're going to feel.
God Bless,

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Re: Prayers for UPSMAN

Post by georgiaboy » Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:23 pm

Prayers for a speedy recovery my friend :!:
Please take it slow on your road back to the woods :thumbup:
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Re: Prayers for UPSMAN

Post by W.Miguire » Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:31 pm

Prayers sent to you ,good luck to you for a speedy recovery.

Ontario Savage
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Re: Prayers for UPSMAN

Post by Ontario Savage » Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:55 pm

Ups man all the best...

Gwens Dilemma
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Re: Prayers for UPSMAN

Post by Gwens Dilemma » Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:00 pm

Prayers sent. I had a double, listen to the doctors and surgeon.

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Re: Prayers for UPSMAN

Post by XB I GO » Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:50 pm

Sir - my family will be praying for you!

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Onetimeonly x-->
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Re: Prayers for UPSMAN

Post by Onetimeonly x--> » Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:18 pm

Hey Dennis, your on the good side of the coin, no worries...
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mr meat
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Re: Prayers for UPSMAN

Post by mr meat » Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:27 pm

Wishing for a speedy recovery Dennis
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Re: Prayers for UPSMAN

Post by amythntr » Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:43 pm

....Dennis’ lovely wife Celia will be keeping me updated with our brother’s surgery... I will share what I learn... anyone who knows Dennis knows how wonderful of a soft spoken southern boy he is...I have had the pleasure of being in their company at can’t find more wonderful people!

..... I pray that The Lord gives both of them peace that passes all understanding...that He guides the surgeons’ hands and minds through this delicate surgery...that He gives Dennis complete healing... and a complication free recovery... for we know that nothing happens that has not passed through His Hands... I pray this in the name of My Lord and Savior Jesus!

Anthony :eusa-pray:
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Anthony :D

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