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Doing something right!!

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I always worry my scent will spook the deer. I always use the recommended detergents when I wash my hunting clothes and store them in a sealed plastic tote with Fresh Earth wafers in with them. Use

After stomping all over the woods yesterday looking for a doe I shot it was surprising that a large group of about 12 of them walked in my tracks when they passed in front of my deer stand. The furthest one was only 20 yards away. They milled around several minutes where I had been. No sign they were spooked and they were not on high alert. I was surprised how laid back they were. Two smaller ones were even sparring with each other while I watched.

I'm up about 15 feet or so in a tree and I had the wind blowing my scent down the creek parallel to where the deer were. These two factors heavily counted in my favor. As far as walking in my tracks I can only think they are very used to people scent or I smell like a deer. Whatever the reason I am grateful.

Anyone else experience this?

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