New.guy, bolt question

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New.guy, bolt question

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I'm a new guy here from Dallas Georgia just got into crossbows this summer. I have a 308 short. During this hunting season so far I baged a 7 point buck and a squirrel, I put an arrow through a hog had a decent Blood Trail but couldn't find it in the thick Terrain. My question is on bolt selection. I used the 16.5 easton quills as supplied. From what I'm reading there are much better performers out their than the one I'm using I'd like to stay with that length because my type hunting keeps be from snagging brush running the short bolts. Are there any decent 16.5 in bolts already set up for excalibur's that are commercially available or do I have to go the custom route. Any help is greatly appreciated. I've got a Vixenmaster Flemish string ordered.
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