Review: Techno Hunt

Crossbow Hunting

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Review: Techno Hunt

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This is a life-sized virtual practice "game". You use a real bow and real arrows with special tips. Of course, you turn the bow down to light pounds and sight it in. If you use a crossbow you'd have to have a string that was too long so it launches the bolt but at hardly any speed. There are a variety of games and targets that are realistic. I could see this in any business where people wait a long time. For me that would mean the Dentist office, Car Dealership, Doctor and Accountant. They could really keep kids busy on this system. If you had an archery range or other retail shop you could use this to get people in or you could charge money to use it. I saw different set ups from $4000-$8000. This is a little more than my X Box 360 system so I'm out on this one - but it was fun and if you can apply it somewhere it might be a good investment!

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