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crossbow accessories

Post by Jawnny » Fri Jul 05, 2019 12:04 am

I have purchased a used matrix 380 which I tested and can pull. (at least once) It came with scope, bolts, quiver, cocking rope, and bag. I need a target and wax. I have two questions. Can I use the same target for practice points and broadheads or do I need seperate targets. And can I use string wax on the rails or do I need separate rail lube. Thanks for the advice.

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Re: crossbow accessories

Post by Mixter » Fri Jul 05, 2019 1:43 am

Rail lube for the rail was what I was told
My target has a side that says Broadheads the other sides are for field point. There may be some that are all Broadhead compatible.

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Re: crossbow accessories

Post by hunter with MS » Fri Jul 05, 2019 4:27 am

The block black target you can use broadhead and target or field point .

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Re: crossbow accessories

Post by flinthead » Fri Jul 05, 2019 6:38 am

You don't need rail lube... just keep it clean. The string will need to be waxed from time to time though. Congrats on your 380!
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Re: crossbow accessories

Post by janesy » Fri Jul 05, 2019 6:50 am

The only thing you NEED , is a stringing tool.
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Re: crossbow accessories

Post by Riflemanz » Fri Jul 05, 2019 8:20 am

I use rineheart 12-1 target for BH. For field points I use morell crossbow field point only bag.
I wipe my rail with wd40 and then wipe it clean. Check all your screws and bolts for tightness. I use blue loctite on all of them. Check our trading post for strings made by our members. Good luck. If you could post your location on your profile it would help.
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Re: crossbow accessories

Post by BrotherRon » Sun Jul 07, 2019 9:08 pm

X 2 on a couple things posted = =
Don't need anything on the rail...
Need a stringing aid to keep brace height adjusted :thumbup:

I use a rag target for target tips, and a block target for broadheads.
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