Micro Suppressor 400TD first impressions

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Micro Suppressor 400TD first impressions

Post by DuckHunt » Mon Dec 30, 2019 6:15 pm

While I'm not normally inclined to jump on the latest greatest thing, the Micro 400TD checked all the boxes for me. I'm partial to the Micro platform, prefer the camo rail, desire a Tact-100 scope and have been waiting for something that would push 400fps. The fact that it also has the take down feature wasn't necessary, but will certainly make transport easier.

Unboxing went quite smoothly. They always seem so light before you put anything on them. I bolted on the stirrup and scope and it was ready for a test drive. One small item to note is that it does NOT come with a cocking rope. That is likely a good things. People would hurt themselves trying to cock this thing by hand. Also, the bow doesn't come with the Ex-Shox installed. The instructions recommend not shooting the bow for 24 hours after they are installed to allow the tape time to set. I proceeded without them as I had planned.

I should also mention that the weight of the eight Pro Flight arrows I got was 252, 251.5, 251.5, 251.5, 251.1, 250.9, 250.7 and 247.4 grains. The weight of that last arrow is a bit concerning because when coupled with a 100gr point you'd be slightly under the minimum required.

I have to admit, it was a bit intimidating cocking the 400TD the first time coming from a Micro 335. The draw length of my Micro 335 is only 9'ish inches, so the limbs don't appear to flex much. With the 400TD, not only do the limbs flex, they flex a lot. It is obvious why they designed new limb tips. I don't think there is any way the string would have stayed on the original limb tips if they were drawn back this far. The new limb tips "hook" the string better at this extended draw length. It certainly is narrow when at full draw and you can tell there is a lot of energy being stored.

Knowing that there were others interested in how this bow would perform with different weights of arrows, I made up a few options for testing. First, I took shots with three different weights of arrows with the stock bow (minus the Ex-Shox). I matched arrows and points to achieve exact weights. Here are the results:

350 grains = 391 fps (Pro Flight + 100gr field point)
400 grains = 372 fps (Pro Flight + 150gr field point)
409 grains = 370 fps (Custom Spynal Tap + 100gr field point)

Then I removed the string stars and R.A.V.S. silencers that are part of the SDS package. The air brakes and ADF are the only limb protection. The results were about where I had hoped.

350 grains = 403 fps (Pro Flight + 100gr field point)
400 grains = 382 fps (Pro Flight + 150gr field point)
409 grains = 380 fps (Custom Spynal Tap + 100gr field point)

Just for grins, I know there are some that like to toss logs at deer (or hogs, etc.).

460 grains = 361 fps (Custom Spynal Tap + 150gr field point)

The Pro Shot trigger broke cleanly, with no travel but felt a bit heavier than I had hoped. Actually, to me it feels almost exactly like the stock trigger in my Micro 335. Maybe I'll look at this at some point, but it is acceptable.

I ended the 26-shot session by putting an arrow in a 2" circle at 40 yards utilizing the illumination as it was getting late.

So far, this thing looks like a home run. Its a full camo Micro that will shoot my hunting weight arrow 380 fps. With winter bearing down, I may not get a chance to see how broadheads fly from it until spring. I'll certainly have to invest in a better broadhead target and probably another field point target as well. I know my Block 4x4 will not be enough to stop the broadheads because it barely does on 335fps arrows. On dull/rounded field points, it still pushed them through the bag target with cloth sticking out the back.

So far, I'm impressed.
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Re: Micro Suppressor 400TD first impressions

Post by ko4nrbs » Mon Dec 30, 2019 7:43 pm

Thanks for the thorough review!!
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Re: Micro Suppressor 400TD first impressions

Post by janesy » Mon Dec 30, 2019 8:08 pm

Oh DuckHunt I am so JEALOUS!

I had one in the shopping cart for a boxing Day sale, but I never hit the button! Just didn't do it
Congrats man!
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Re: Micro Suppressor 400TD first impressions

Post by xcaliber » Mon Dec 30, 2019 8:56 pm

Sounds wicked mean! Good Luck with the new bow. :thumbup:
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Re: Micro Suppressor 400TD first impressions

Post by RobD » Mon Dec 30, 2019 9:24 pm

Thanks for the write-up, should be very helpful to those considering getting one.
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Re: Micro Suppressor 400TD first impressions

Post by AJ01 » Tue Dec 31, 2019 10:47 am

Great review of a wicked bow!! :thumbup:

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