A question for the accuracy nuts

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Re: A question for the accuracy nuts

Post by nchunterkw » Thu Mar 05, 2020 9:19 am

You certainly do not have to do all of the above post for good "hunting accuracy"....but my opinion is "why not?" Better accuracy won't hurt your shot on a deer in any way. I do many of the above but not all.
#1 and #2 go to the "aim small miss small" mentality. I do not like the chevron type reticles in the Excal scopes so I use Hawke. It's what I like and works better for me.
#6 makes sure your setup is good BEFORE you hunt, then I use a monopod in the field when possible
#7, 8, 9 - absolutley....make your setup as good as it can be.....which is pretty darn good.
#11 is key. Especially the "stiffer is better" comment. The stiffest arrows I have found are Black Eagle Zombie Slayers and GT Nitro Pro....but I think the ZSs are a bit better.

Have fun and I hope all this helps you
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