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Re: Multiple crossbows

Post by BrotherRon » Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:38 pm

My first crossbow was the Matrix 310. :mrgreen:
Then I picked up a poop brown Vixen to target practice with when I had hernia surgery. :eusa-whistle:
Then I added the Matrix 330 because... well, you know. :eusa-drool:
Then I sold the Vixen because the wife said I had too many! :shock:
Then I sold the M330 to my broth in-law when he wanted to buy a crossbow and was back to just the M310 :sick:
Then I purchased a riser and limb assembly so that I could use the 310 for target practice,
and then swap limbs to have a 330 for hunting season. :crazy:
Then I sold the extra riser and limbs planning to purchase the BD 330 :mrgreen:
After uncocking my friends BD 330 I decided.....
Hey, do I really need another crossbow? :eusa-think:
My Matrix 310 is easy enough for me to cock by hand, deadly accurate,
and plenty fast enough for any hunting situation I would ever find myself in. :thumbup:
Matrix 310 ~ Hawke XB30 Pro SR ~TT~Tombstone Case.
36" All Weather Tactical Case. Danny Miller Top Mount Quiver
Strings by Boo ~ nchunterkw ~ 8ptbuk
Jeremiah 29:13 :thumbup:

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