Lighted nocks question

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Lighted nocks question

Post by XB I GO » Tue May 05, 2020 9:01 am

Hello everyone, I hope all is well. I was busy with sports and school but now busy with being bored in the house. Now I'm thinking about our annual summer hunt. I want to try lighted nocks this year. We lost a bolt last year and one the year before that. I hope the lighted nock helps to find them. So, I only see a few brands available. Is one better than another? Do you have to sight in again once you put them on bolts? Is there a practice one? Thanks for the help!

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Re: Lighted nocks question

Post by Bcxbow » Tue May 05, 2020 9:24 am

Howdy B, good to have you back on and hope all is well with you and the rest of the family.

I favor the HD Orange Luminok, they weigh about 20 grains more than the standard plastic nock and there is no practice version available for purchase that I’m aware of but what you can do is screw a 1/2” long 10-32 set screw into your regular plastic nock and it will match the total weight of the luminok. There is not a lot of difference in poi at close yardage but if you use the set screw weighted plastic nock you will save battery life and practice with confidence. Good luck :thumbup:

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Re: Lighted nocks question

Post by robertyb » Tue May 05, 2020 10:01 am

I have swapped over and am using the Nufletch Ignitors now. I just pull the light stick out and practice and then put them in when hunting. They are a lot easier to turn on and off for me in my Excaliburs.
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Re: Lighted nocks question

Post by AJ01 » Tue May 05, 2020 10:05 am

I use Burt Coyote Lumenoks. I prefer the green ones, but that's just me. In todays market with the replaceable batteries now available, I just shoot them as much as I want, and replace the batteries when needed. It's kinda like the old cliché, "dance with the one who brung ya"!! I put all the components of my bolts together and shoot them just as I would when hunting. Therefore, I KNOW what to expects from every bolt!!
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Re: Lighted nocks question

Post by DuckHunt » Tue May 05, 2020 5:53 pm

There are advantages and disadvantages to both. I've heard that the ignitors are easier to extinguish. The Lumenoks can be tough to turn off for cold or small hands. But if the batteries will last 50 hours, you can turn it off when you get home. Any type of arrow puller can easily extinguish them when target shooting.

The Ignitors weigh 36 grains and the Lumenoks weigh 28 grains. With either, you are adding weight to the wrong end of the arrow so less is better. For this reason alone I use Lumenoks. Will 8 grains really matter? Probably not.

As others have mentioned, you can add weight to your existing nocks to get them up to 28 grains so when you add the Lumenok you don't have to change your sights. The set screws worked perfect in my Black Eagle arrows. The nocks I got with Spynal Tapps were harder plastic so I had to come up with a different solution. I ended up rolling a .22 pellet under pressure until it was small enough in diameter to drop right into the nock snugly then secured it with a dab of super glue. I plopped them on the scale one at a time and removed lead with a small drill bit until they were dead on the weight.

I've never had an issue with a Lumenok lighting the way to the target (and beyond). I have had them extinguish a couple times though. You can get them to go out if the arrow makes HARD contact, like with a tree or rock. The abrupt stop causes everything to bounce back and more than once it was enough for the nock to go out. Also if the arrow skips off of something hard on the ground (like shooting from ground level), the friction of ground impact can back out the nock enough to turn it off.

I lost two Lumenok arrows over the past four seasons and both times I was shooting from ground level. No matter which nock you choose, neither are easy to find if the arrow snakes in under the leaves or grass.
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Re: Lighted nocks question

Post by XB I GO » Wed May 06, 2020 8:27 am

Thanks for the tips and 411. I will get whatever the store has, weigh them and make my target nocks match. Then I will decide if I will leave the lighted nocks in for targets of not. Maybe just for rechecking sight in before hunting. Thanks again...

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Re: Lighted nocks question

Post by W.Miguire » Thu May 07, 2020 12:48 am

If it where me I would get me some lumenocks . you can match the weight with a set screw or cut down a screw and they last about 40 hours and the are on sale 20% off . JMO

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Re: Lighted nocks question

Post by grouse » Thu May 07, 2020 9:40 am

I wouldn't go to too much trouble trying to perfectly match the weight of a lighted nock for target practice. When I sight in at 20 yards with standard nocks and then shoot lighted nocks (just to be sure) I've always hit the bullseye with either nock out to 30 yards (I haven't tried farther with the lighted nocks). I suppose if I was trying to hit a dime instead of a bullseye I would notice t difference, but the bullseye is good enough for me.
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